Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping / Packages

"I'm having issues with my domestic package."

  1. "I see that a shipping label was created for my package but the online tracking says it hasn't been received?"
  2. "The online tracking shows my package has been shipped but it's been in-transit without any update as of late?"

Please know that your shipping confirmation is sent out once a shipping label is created and it leaves the studio within 3-5 business days.

We have also teamed up with Route to offer you worry-free shipping insurance (optional) for just 98 cents. For more information, please visit their FAQ page.

We see lost package issues arising mostly with USPS First-Class mail and while we get concerning messages about this issue, they get resolved / delivered most of the time. However, if Route is disabled, we strongly recommend using our UPS / USPS Priority mail option.

While Even Keel cannot be held responsible for loss or damage of items while in transit, insurance up to $100 is automatically included in USPS Priority Mail / UPS shipments. Please reach out to us and we can start a claim for you. Replacement packages will be sent out after a claim is successful.

We hope to have your understanding that once the package ships, we have little control over it's handling and transit time.

"I'm having issues with my international order."

If you are ordering from outside of the US, please be mindful of your own country's customs regulations, as Even Keel will not be held accountable for any taxes, fees, loss or damage resulting from your package's processing through that system. We also cannot mark purchases as "gifts" on the customs form as this is against the law.

"I had to pay extra tax and duties to receive my international order!"

Similar to the above, while most packages that are of a small value or weight aren't subjected to the tax/duties countries vary in their value/weight limit and the recipient is unfortunately sometimes subjected to the appropriate tax/ duties when their order arrives. While we cannot be responsible for this, here is a helpful link for packages being shipped to Canada (where we usually get most of our international orders from). Thanks for your understanding!

"What is your shipping schedule?"

The team and I strive to get your packages out the door as soon as we can – within 3-5 business days. If your package is taking longer than this time, it's most likely because we are out of stock for one of the items in your order and we are making a fresh batch to fulfill and ship out the entire order. We will contact you if this is the case, and you can decide if you'd like the order to be shipped out asap (with the remaining items shipped out at a later date).

"Can I add a Gift Note?"

If you click your cart, you'll notice a "Notes" section below the list of items you have in your cart. Simply write your message within and we'll add it in to your package.


"My candle won't stay lit!"

Sometimes your candle burns great the first time but subsequent sessions seem to have a smaller flame and sometimes won't even stay lit. Don't throw your candle out just yet! This is often because the flame is drowning it it's own wax pool. Essential oil candles are alot more sensitive to heat than fragrance oil candles but here is a quick tip to fix this issue:

Take a teaspoon and scrape/scoop out some of the solid soy wax. The wick should stand 1/4” above the wax and the wax surface should be levelled. This usually allows the candle to burn again.

If this still doesn't solve the issue, please reach out to us!

"The activated charcoal from the bath salts / fizzies is sticking to my tub!"

We get panicked/ alarmed customers claiming that our activated charcoal has ruined their tub. Activated Charcoal has adhering qualities (it is known to draw out impurities and is held in place by surface tension or charge.)

What many of us think is a stain is more commonly something called surface cling. This is easy to deal with and I personally do this every time I finish a Moon Salt bath. Take a bar soap and some running warm/hot water and just gently rub the soap along the surface cling, the charcoal will come right off.

Still not coming off? Don't worry, here's another solution:
If you've had your tub for awhile, build-up that's invisible to the naked eye (dust / dirt/ calcium/ lime/ minerals) will actually become visible with the charcoal, similar to how a UV light show us stains. To remove this, you'll need to remove the above-mentioned deposits stuck to the tub. You could try a lemon & vinegar mix (50/50) or go with a remover such as CLR.

True staining is rare and tends to only happen to damaged tubs. Which leads to emails about our charcoal permanently scratching tubs. Charcoal is abrasive, yes, but not when it's dipped into water and rinsed away. Acrylic tubs get scratches over time, while Porcelain tubs get hairline cracks and what's most likely happening is the charcoal working its way deep into the scratch. It's not stuck there, but it can be very difficult to get out without further scrubbing.

We continue to stock our Moon salts as we believe in the detoxifying abilities of Activated Charcoal. However, if you're unsure, skip the stress and try our Calendula Sun Salts instead, they have the same mineral salt recipe!

" Does soap expire? There is no expiration date."

Our soap is made out of saponified infused botanical oils and essential oils. As such, it is a stable environment that doesn't need any preservatives, nor does it expire. However, we advise you to use your soap within 5 months for optimal efficacy and scent. To prolong the lifespan of a bar, please store away from direct sunlight or running water. Also, do not store unused bars under the sink, the soap will attract moisture from the pipe’s condensation.

Product Aesthetic Discrepancies

Batches follow strict measurements of ingredients for consistency. However, each batch is made by hand and as we use natural colorants, slight color and aesthetic discrepancies may occur in the finished product. We hope you will embrace the handmade qualities of our collection and remember what mother once said -- "It's the inside that counts!"

Sensitivities & Allergies

Even Keel products contain NO sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulphate (SLS), Parabens, Mineral oils or synthetic colors (for our full list of ingredients we are against, please click here) We do, however, use a variety of herbs, seeds, and lots of nature. It is our best interest for you to know what we know (for our full list of revolving ingredients, please click here), and we suggest you do a test patch if you have sensitive skin and discontinue use if necessary. If you have any concerns about being sensitive to certain products or ingredients, please get in touch prior to placing an order to discuss.